The Showstoppers' Kids Show


Showstopper! The Improvised Musical  

The Edinburgh must-see, Olivier Award-winning (Best Entertainment and Family Show) West End hit returns for its 12th consecutive year! A brand-new musical comedy is created from scratch at every performance of this multi award-winning show. Each night audience suggestions are transformed into all-singing, all-dancing productions with hilarious results. A Fringe favourite and a phenomenon; your Edinburgh is simply incomplete without it.

'The top musical improvisers in the business... Compulsory Fringe viewing... Just book in time' ***** (

'Had me weeping with laughter' ***** (Mail on Sunday).

'Achingly funny... Worth seeing again and again' ***** (Time Out).

31 July - 25th August, 6pm, The Pleasance

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Cirque Berserk!   

Britain's biggest theatre-circus spectacular returns following its smash hit sell-out Fringe debut in 2018 – book now! Showcasing the finest in traditional circus thrills and skills, Cirque Berserk! brings this treasured form of live entertainment bang up-to-date in a jaw-dropping spectacular created especially for the theatre. Combining contemporary cirque-style artistry with adrenaline-fuelled stunt action, this astoundingly talented international troupe includes over 30 acrobats, aerialists, dancers, drummers and daredevil stuntmen. Featuring the world's most hair-raising circus act, the legendary motorcycle Globe of Death.


'Fearless... you'll believe pretty much anything is possible' **** (Scotsman).


‘Insanely thrilling, happy-making entertainment' **** (List).

2 - 25 August, 1:30pm & 6:30pm, The Pleasance 


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Fringe favourites and Olivier Award-winning improvisers, The Showstoppers, take your kids' ideas and transform them on the spot into interactive musical adventures. Captain Underpants underwater? Done! SpongeBob and the Gruffalo on the moon? No worries!

Kids (and only kids!) decide who we meet and where we go to create a show tailor-made to their imaginations.

'Unbelievably good' ***** (Families Edinburgh Magazine)

'Make sure you see this show. And then go again' ***** (

'A sell out show and it's clear to see why... grab your tickets and prepare to be enthralled!' **** (

31 July - 18th August, 12pm, Pleasance Two - Pleasance Courtyard

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What makes a killer? What makes the yearning for connection and friendship so great that you would do anything? How does a mind justify the most terrifying act? In 1991, four Austrian nurses were charged with murdering 49 patients in their beds, but were suspected of killing up to 200. The world premiere of this blistering new play by Jessica Ross, directed by Steven Roy and executive produced by Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss, forces us to confront all we deem evil, horrible, and hideous. Look carefully enough, and we might just see a little bit of ourselves.

31 July - 26 August, 2:30pm, The Pleasance 


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From a very young age, Nicola has been determined to prove to her four older siblings, and the world, that she is more than just a little sister. But wasting all that time incessantly seeking her siblings' approval and searching for new ways to hide the fact that one of her brothers is mega-famous meant she could never quite find her place in the world. Until now. A wonderfully honest and extremely funny autobiographical rites-of-passage comedy written and performed by Nicola Wren (Replay)

'Wren is a talent to watch' (Guardian).

'Sparkling writing' **** (Scotsman).

1 - 25 August, 5:30pm, Underbelly 


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Benedict's dad loved wine. He loved collecting it, drinking it and sharing it with friends and family was an act of love. Benedict was a teenage alcoholic. He's been sober now for 25 years. On the day of his father's funeral, Benedict receives an unsettling final bequest: a bottle of exceptionally fine red wine. Will he drink one final toast to his father? Originally commissioned for BBC Radio 4, Marcus Brigstocke writes and directs this bittersweet drama of family and addiction, based on his own recovery.


BBC Audio Drama Award winner 2018 for Best Single Drama.

31 July - 26 August, 4:00pm, The Pleasance 


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The Red 


Enter the manipulative world of Manhattan's most dangerous liaisons: Sebastian Valmont and Kathryn Merteuil. Seduced by revenge and fuelled by passion, the step-siblings bet on destroying an innocent girl. As they weave a web of secrets and temptation, they become entangled in the cruellest game of all: love. The cult movie you love laced with '90s classics including Britney, Christina, *NSYNC and REM, all performed live.


'Fun, sexy, seductive. It's a great time!' (Huffington Post).

'Funny... nostalgia-fuelled. The choice lines and inspired soundtrack hits are all there... the best of the '90s!' (New York Times).

1 - 25 August, 8:30pm, Assembly 


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Cruel Intentions: The '90s Musical 


An adrenaline-fuelled explosion of extreme sports, music, dance and theatre, ISH create breathtaking poetry with every movement in this spectacular show.

Elements of Freestyle is about those redeeming seconds that make a complicated trick ultimately succeed. About the freestyler's total focus, ecstasy and feeling of freedom. In a succession of breakdance, inline skating, skateboarding, freestyle basketball, BMX and free running, the audience discovers the art behind the trick.

Director Marco Gerris' (So You Think You Can Dance) show packs a wallop, making you think, 'Wow, what did I just see?'

'Sparkles with pleasure' ***** (

3 - 25 August, 4:00pm, The Pleasance 


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Elements of Freestyle 

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A classic murder mystery is created on-the-spot from audience suggestions in this ingenious and hilarious show from Fringe favourites, Degrees of Error. Lady Violet in the kitchen with the silver corkscrew? Mr Gold with the telescope in Parliament? You decide, but will you guess whodunnit?

'Original, professional and very, very funny' **** (

'Absolutely fantastic... Incredibly clever... Laugh out loud funny... A truly entertaining and hilarious take on the murder mystery and absolutely not one to miss' ***** (

'Hilarious... The show is a riot' (Scottish Daily Mail).

31 July - 26 August, 3:45pm, The Pleasance 



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Murder, She Didn't Write: The Improvised Murder Mystery 


The songs and wit of those masters of mayhem, mirth and Madeira – timeless musical comedy legends, Flanders and Swann.

This internationally award-winning show returns with all the favourites – The Hippopotamus, The Gnu, The Gas Man Cometh and many less familiar hidden gems.

An Edinburgh phenomenon, now in its twelfth tremendous year at the Pleasance. Following international tour dates and appearances on Friday Night is Music Night (BBC Radio 2), see it live.

'Muddy marvellous' (Evening Standard)

'Impressive... a delight' (Times)

'Classic... joyously frivolous' (Sunday Times)

Critics' Choice: Evening Standard, Sunday Times, Guardian.

31 July - 11 August, 2:40pm, The Pleasance 




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Flanders and Swann

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BalletBoyz Them/Us

The award-winning all-male company makes an explosive Edinburgh debut. Created collaboratively by the BalletBoyz company dancers, Them explores the individuality that resides within each dancer and the versatility of movement which BalletBoyz are renowned for. In Us, Tony and Olivier Award-winning choreographer Christopher Wheeldon examines human connections, culminating in the tender duet which premiered in 2017 to public acclaim. With contrasting scores by artist Keaton Henson and composer Charlotte Harding, this double-bill asks where we see ourselves in relation to the “other”.

'It doesn’t seem to matter what they dance. The result is always the same – fantastic.'


31 July - 15 August, 1:00pm, Underbelly 




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Them&Us Cloak #1 copy.jpg

beep boop 

Following an acclaimed US run, Richard Saudek (Stage Award winner for Acting Excellence, Fringe 2016) performs a twisted and highly physical romp at breakneck pace. Created by physical comedian Richard Saudek (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally Fringe 2016), TV and film composer Jesse Novak (BoJack Horseman) and director Wes Grantom (Eager to Lose at Ars Nova), Beep Boop is a multimedia clown show, exploring our obsession with technology and our increasing loneliness in a world full of connections.

‘If silent film-era comedy and Black Mirror had a baby it would be called Beep Boop’ (

1 - 25 Aug, 2:45pm, Assembly


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The ultimate one-man band: guitarist, pianist, drummer... and dad.

When wannabe rock god Ash Phoenix (talented, charming, unknown) unexpectedly becomes a father, there’s only room for one star in the family. And it isn’t him. Ash ends up with no hits – and no missis. It’s hard to make it big when you're constantly walking on Lego.

This new musical comedy heartbreaker comes from gold disc-winning songwriter Jessica Sharman and Richard Marsh, Fringe First winner (Dirty Great Love Story), BBC Audio Drama Award Best Comedy winner (Love & Sweets).

Directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson; starring Andy Gallo.

Previous shows:

'Lovely, witty, delicious... Warmly and fuzzily recommended' ***** (Independent)

'Gag-filled, gutsy... Restores your faith in human nature and the Fringe... bliss' **** (Telegraph)

‘Poignant, funny, well observed… a properly lovely piece of theatre’ **** (Exeunt)


31 Jul - 26 Aug, 1:20pm, The Pleasance 

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Four Woke Baes  



Multi award-winning US playwright Jonathan Caren's razor-sharp dark comedy follows four friends on a river-rafting stag party that's turned upside down when a mysterious woman kayaks ashore. Groom-to-be, Dez, comes to question the very nature of love and monogamy over the course of a long night's drinking, fire-building and s'more-making. Rifles are drawn, stripteases danced and secrets unearthed as the quartet of friends comes together and falls apart. Cynical and raw, hilarious and squirm-inducing, the play asks just how liberal "woke" boys really are when they're alone together, out in nature, beers in hand.

1 - 25 Aug , 5.05pm, Underbelly 

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I couldn't imagine having a child. Not even when I was sat in my Primark bikini in a plastic hot tub at Homerton Hospital, sucking the shit out of the gas and air... There's a man sitting on the wall outside the flat. He just sat down the other day and never left.'

Inspired by true events, Katie Guicciardi's sharply-observed drama explores our complex relationship with "help" – our desire to give it and our need to seek it for ourselves – in an increasingly isolating society.

Directed by Offie award nominee Lisa Cagnacci

31 July - 26 Aug, 11:30am, The Pleasance 

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