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We're thrilled to announce our 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe portfolio. Take a look at the fantastic shows that SFTW are presenting from the UK, Spain, France and the USA! This year is a truly international delight of comedy, musical extravaganzas, new writing, physical theatre, family shows and of course, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical. 

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023 runs from the 2nd - 28th August. Shows are listed in order of start time. 


The Doktor is back! With even more science! More laughs! More Kaboom!


After a spectacular debut in 2022, Doktor Kaboom returns to the Pleasance with all your favourite science demos plus brand new experiments and powerful life lessons for 2023. Giant chemical reactions! Fly on a homemade hovercraft! Shrink-wrap your teenager! Every show is different. This hilariously fun, empowering and wholly original show is a 'must-see' (Entertainment Now) for all ages.


'Nothing short of perfect family entertainment' ★★★★★ (POW Showbiz) 

'Uniquely stylish with a razor sharp wit that could split an atom.. enjoyable for both adults and children alike. A delight to watch.' ★★★★★ (Theatre Weekly) 

'Excellent, fun and clearly explained science demos...really passionately exhorting, encouraging and, dare I say, inspiring. A foolproof formula for success.' ★★★★ (ThreeWeeks)

'An explosive show for kids which encourages a fascination for science.' ★★★★ (The List)

August 2023 reviews:

★★★★★★★ Outstanding. Get your goggles, gloves, and labcoats on and go see this!’  (Get Your Coats On) (yes, you read it right…7 stars) 

★★★★★'One of the most in-demand kids’ shows in 2022.’  (The Scottish Sun)

★★★★ 'A blast… If you have kids this is one they should love.’ (Entertainment Now)

2nd - 28th August - 12pm - Pleasance 



THE ICE HOLE: A Cardboard Comedy

An epic adventure told with a thousand pieces of cardboard.


A great actor recounts his journey from the fjords of Iceland to the dust of the Spanish desert. Cursed by the mermaid he once accidentally caught and speaking a language no-one quite understands, he is aided by one fellow performer to tell his tale.


Monty Python meets Mighty Boosh with a twist of Laurel and Hardy. The theatrical acrobatics from these virtuoso performers will make you howl with laughter. Pure theatrical joy.


Molière Theatre Award Winner, 2022 - Best Show In a Public Theatre

Best Theatre In Europe 2022New York Times

'Serious theatre magic.' New York Times

'Cartoonesque and delirious....We laugh. We are seduced... and conquered.'

Le Monde

'Incredibly funny and inventive.' Le Parisien

August 2023 reviews:


★★★★★An absolute piece of comic genius...Don’t miss this superb show.’  (British Theatre Guide)

★★★★★‘Had the audience howling with laughter, cheering with amazement, and crying out for more.’  (Theatre Weekly)

★★★★★‘Pure genius that is unlikely to be bettered at this or any other Fringe. This has to be the must-see show of Edinburgh Fringe 2023.’ (The Reviews Hub)

★★★★★‘It’s an invitation to never stop playing, a reminder of the magic that can be found in simplicity. I will never look at cardboard in quite the same way.' (Ed Fest Mag)

★★★★★‘Pure comedic and creative genius!'  (West End Best Friend)

★★★★★‘Simply one of the best, most imaginative, most surprising shows playing this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.’ (The Quintessential Review)

★★★★★‘An inspired piece of surreal lunacy, an hour of sheer unadulterated fun, fuelled by manic levels of invention. Miss it and you’ve only got yourself to blame.’  (Bouquets & Brickbats)

★★★★★Inventive, original and very funny. Just go to see this fantastic show.’ (Three Weeks Edinburgh)

★★★★★‘The most creative show at the Fringe Festival.’ (Theatre and Tonic)

★★★★A feat of visual origami involving cardboard that is an absolute joy to watch.’  (Daily Mail)

★★★★‘Ingenious'  (The Scotsman)

★★★★Marvel at astonishing feats of the imagination’  (The Times)

★★★★‘Fun, and full of gleeful creative flair’  (The Stage)

★★★★ (Financial Times)

2nd - 28th August - 1.00pm Pleasance 


IceHole 1890x1660 with logos.jpg


A fast-paced darkly comic drama from internationally acclaimed Molière award-winner, David Lescot.


Exploring a lifetime through one person's daily interactions with money, and the transactions we engage in to build a life – from the Tooth Fairy to negotiating with the funeral director.


“You can't keep accumulating all the time, you see… You can't always be gaining, earning, winning; you need to lose as well. We need loss.”


Written and directed by Lescot - associate artist of renowned Théâtre de la Ville in Paris – who makes his Edinburgh Fringe debut.


‘A hilarious, piercing probe of life in a capitalist world.’ StageBuddy, NYC

'A swift, humorous and sometimes bittersweet tale.' Manhattan Digest

August 2023 reviews:

★★★★A must see at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.' (Theatre Weekly)

★★★★‘Superbly performed…Dough is worth spending money on.’ (The Reviews Hub)

★★★★ ‘A brilliantly slick, pacey show.' (Three Weeks Edinburgh)

★★★★‘An engaging and bittersweet production.’ (London Theatre1)

★★★★ The Stage 

2nd - 27th August, 1.30pm, Pleasance King Dome 


DOUGH_343 NEW.jpg


Watson is alone. His beloved wife, Mary, and the great Sherlock Holmes are gone. London seethes with false reports. It is time to set the record straight. So Watson tells his tale of long-buried secrets, betrayal and death; a journey across Europe pursued by Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime, and a deathly embrace at the Reichenbach Falls. Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Watson is written with Bert Coules (BBC's Sherlock Holmes), performed by Tim Marriott (BBC's Brittas Empire).

'Superb, authentic, excellent' (

'A grippingly fine display – outstanding.' **** (

3rd - 28th August, 3.15pm, Assembly George Square 


Watson THM (1) (1).jpg

Forget everything you think you know about string quartets, Bowjangles are an irreverent, anarchic group of genrespanners, bringing music, theatre and comedy together in a way you've never seen before. Now, the award-winning foursome are blasting into outer space to meet a mysterious benefactor whose proposition seems a little too good to be true...

'Completely original... the music would be entertaining enough without all the other incredible action and comedy going on' ★★★★★ (


'Full of zest, action and charisma... unfailingly entertaining' ★★★★ (

August 2023 reviews:

★★★★★ ‘It’s impossible not to have a great time.’ (British Theatre Guide)

★★★★★ ‘An absolute riot from start to finish.’ (Wee Review)

★★★★★ ‘Truly hilarious... brilliant music, wickedly sharp jokes...I grinned from start to finish.' (Lisa in the Theatre)

★★★★★‘A truly awe-inspiring enslaught of skill, wit, design and dedication. It’s a comedy romp that has to be seen to be believed.’ (Mumble Theatre)

★★★★★ ‘[This] campy sci-fi horror is a cosmic blend of social satire & symphonic brilliance.’ (Fringe Biscuit)

★★★★ ‘Energetic, bubbly and infectious’ (Broadway Baby)

★★★★ ‘A masterpiece that combines captivating visuals, enchanting music, and comedy.’ (North West End)

★★★★ ‘Life affirming and energetic…it’s a joy…catch it if you can.’ (Starburst Magazine)

★★★★ ‘The musicians are true rockstars... Their slick and well-oiled performance captivates the audience from the very start.’ (Ed Fest Mag)

★★★★ ‘Terrific songs...riotous entertainment ... and very, very funny. Highly recommended.’ (Dark Chat)

MUST SEE SHOW ‘This infectious, charismatic, slick show must be seen’ (Fringe Review) 

★★★★ Mervyn Stutter’s ‘PICK OF THE FRINGE’

Warning: Contains scenes of graphic violins.

2nd - 28th August - 4.30pm - Gilded Balloon




Award-winning musical comedy with a live opera, rock and pop soundtrack!


A spectacular love story, set in the striking and colourful world of opera. A Comedy of Operas fuses pop hits with the world’s favourite arias – including many that you didn’t realise you already knew!


Highly original, sublimely talented, utterly hilarious. Five exceptional singers bring their own signature style of physical comedy to this multi-award winning show that’s been enjoyed around the globe.


This is opera for everyone.


★★★★★ 'A show that will make you beam with joy. Is there anything better?' Time Out

★★★★★ 'An awesome 'opera masterclass'... their powerful voices are amazing.' Le Parisien

★★★★★ 'Impossible not to be seduced.' Paris Match

★★★★★ 'An extraordinary musical comedy.' Platea

★★★★★ 'Opera for all audiences... the perfect show.' ABC

August 2023 reviews:

★★★★★ ‘Set to be one of the hottest acts at the Fringe - so get a ticket while you can.’ (The Scottish Sun)

★★★★★ ‘Strikingly hilarious love story...I urge you to book.’ (One4Review)

★★★★★ 'For the whole family to enjoy, its a beautifully funny way to spend time together.' (West End Best Friend)

★★★★ 'Masters of audience participation...we all felt part of this crazy production' 

(Broadway Baby)


★★★★‘A contagiously fun atmosphere for all’ (Ed Fest Mag)

★★★★ ‘If you like a bit of culture with your comedy, this is the show for you.’ (Entertainment Now)

★★★★ ‘The talent of every performer on stage is remarkable.’ (Lisa in the Theatre)

‘One of the most purely entertaining shows at this year's Edinburgh Fringe...great for all the family.' (Metro)

No spoken word! Perfect for international audiences!


2nd - 27th August, Various Times, Pleasance at the EICC 



343 x 343.jpg


Ludmilla Dabo, accompanied by Moliere award-winning writer, director and musician David Lescot, sings a moving, intimate and dazzling portrait of the iconic ‘High Priestess of
Soul’, Nina Simone. Through the legendary singer’s music and life story, intertwined with personal stories from Dabo’s own life, Dabo charts Simone’s journey from young musical
prodigy to her role as a major figure in the civil rights movement.


A unique performance fusing jazz, soul and storytelling. Dabo is ‘Nina Simone reincarnated... A talent that explodes’ (Le Monde).

4th - 14th August, 8pm, French Institute in Scotland (Salle Emilienne Moreau-Evrard)




The Olivier Award-winning West End hit is back!


Every night is opening night for the hottest new musical in town! There’s just one problem, the writer hasn’t penned a note and needs YOUR help!


A hilarious new hit musical comedy made up on the spot using audience suggestions, this multi award-winning must-see show is back at Edinburgh Festival for a 14th year.


Ever fancied seeing Hamilton in a hair salon? Six in space? Rent on the Royal Mile? Now is your chance.


With a critically acclaimed West End run, BBC Radio 4 series and an Olivier Award (Best Entertainment and Family Show) to their name, The Showstoppers never perform the same show twice. A Fringe favourite; your Edinburgh experience is simply incomplete without it!


★★★★★ ‘Had me weeping with laughter.’ Mail on Sunday

★★★★ ‘Close to perfection from start to finish.. The funniest improv on the Fringe.' Broadway Baby

★★★★ ‘If this is what improv can do, you wonder why anyone bothers writing anything down.’ The Times

August 2023 reviews:


★★★★★‘The funniest, cleverest musical show there is!’ (West End Best Friend)

★★★★★'Unreasonably talented cast...well deserving of the standing ovation it always receives.' (Broadway World)

★★★★★‘This festival mainstay is a consistent audience favourite for a reason.’ (Playbill)

★★★★★ ‘Some kind of witchcraft…I laughed my socks off’ (Lisa in the Theatre)

★★★★★‘Very very funny…a definite hit’ (One 4 Review) 

★★★★ ‘So exciting and hilarious to watch, it’s a must see this Fringe.' (Entertainment Now)

2nd - 28th August - 9.10pm - Pleasance 


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