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Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

The Olivier Award-winning (Best Entertainment and Family Show) West End hit returns! The masters of musical improv create a brand-new musical comedy from scratch at every single performance of this multi award-winning show. Audience suggestions are transformed on-the-spot into an all-singing, all-dancing hilarious story.

On UK tour in 2024 and in the West End

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The Showstoppers's Kids Show

An improvised musical show for kids of all ages, from Olivier Award-winning West End improvisers, The Showstoppers. If your children could create their very own dream musical – where would they start? The Showstoppers’ Kids Show takes your kids’ ideas and turns them into marvellous, musical adventures from scratch, in front of their very noses.

On UK tour in 2024

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The London 50-Hour Improvathon 2024

The London 50-Hour Improvathon is back! Say ‘I Do!’ to an extraordinary weekend with the world’s best improvisers.


It's wedding season at Everafter Manor - the UK's hottest spot to tie the knot. Loved-up couples are arriving with friends and family to celebrate their big day, but will they even make it to the altar?

Wilton's Music Hall, 8th-10th March 2024

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The Brief Life And Mysterious Death of Boris III, King of Bulgaria

The year is 1943 and Bulgaria has just told Hitler where to stick it.


Award-winning Out of the Forest Theatre's irreverent comedy - featuring live music inspired by Bulgarian and Jewish folk tunes - tells the incredible true story that the world forgot.

59E59, New York, 2nd May - 2nd June 2024

Bowjangles: Dracula in Space

Forget everything you think you know about string quartets, Bowjangles are an irreverent, anarchic group of genre-spanners, bringing music, theatre and comedy together in a way you've never seen before. Now the award-winning foursome are blasting into outer space to meet a mysterious benefactor whose proposition seems a little too good to be true...

On UK tour in 2024

Dad's Army Radio Show

Celebrating over 50 years of Croft and Perry's quintessential sitcom - winner of Gold's 'Best One-Liner Award' with the immortal words "Don't tell him, Pike!" - David Benson and Jack Lane are back with a brand new selection of three classic episodes live on stage, featuring favourite lines, cherished characters and great feats of vocal impersonation!

On UK tour in 2024

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Släpstick: Schërzo

Släpstick bring their unique brand of mischief to Schërzo, a clown-esque concerto for the ages where a seemingly highbrow classical concert glissandos into a bacchanal of comical mishaps and absurdity. Neither floppy-wigged composers nor their magnum opus are safe from this Släpstick buffoonery. It's Chaplin meets Tchaikovsky, Buster versus Bernstein, and Groucho Marx does Mozart, all rolled up into one raucous show!

On UK tour in 2024

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