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1894. Watson is alone. A broken man. His beloved wife Mary and the great Sherlock Holmes are gone. But London seethes with false reports and rumour. It is time to set the record straight. Time for Watson to tell his story...


A tale of long buried secrets, betrayal and death! There is a shadow in the gutters of London. A spider's web of poisonous intrigue lies across the city. Someone is playing a long game and Holmes and Watson must face their greatest ever challenge.


Based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, written with Bert Coules (BBC's The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; Cadfael & Rebus) and performed by Tim Marriott (The Brittas Empire, Allo, Allo, Love Type D). The 'superb' (Broadway World) and award winning one man show, returns for one & two night touring from April 2024


Available for evening & school matinees. Victorian literature & Sherlock Holmes Sign of the Four is currently on the  KS4 English Literature curriculum.

By Bert Coules and Tim Marriott​

'The Best of the Best'

★★★★★ CityMag

'A damn fine play'

★★★★★ Weekend Notes


'Fascinating..energetic and gripping'

★★★★★ Theatre Weekly

Key Info


Now booking from April 2024 through to Spring 2025, excluding August

Available for

Single nights, split weeks


200+ (can play large auditoria)

Running Time

1h20m (plus interval) or 1h straight through for festivals


Company size




A guarantee against net box office, with no contras and no get out charges

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